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This gift set includes a list of premium air-flown imported fresh fruits of the season. 

We will customise the gift set to include prized items e.g. Melons/ Grapes/ Mango, including other seasonal fruits. 

Quality & Freshness Guaranteed. 


Here's an example of the seasonal items we will include: 

This bundle includes: 

  • 6 x New Zealand Piqaboo Pears S$23 
  • 6 x Taiwan Honey Murcott S$15 
  • 4 x Taiwan Pink Guava S$23 
  • 3 x Ecuador First Class Gold Pitaya S$33 
  • 1 x Yamanashi Shine Muscat S$118 
  • 1 x Miyazaki Kyujyuku Mango S$78 



New Zealand Piqaboo Pears in 6 pieces

Taiwan Pink Guava in 4 pieces 

Ecuador First Class Gold Pitaya in 3 pieces

Japan Miyazaki Kyujyuku Mango 500g in 1 piece


Taiwan Honey Murcott in 6 pieces


Japan Yamanashi Shine Muscat in 300g/ punnet