*888 Exclusive* Indonesia Mama Melincho Emping Manis


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Emping Melinjo Manis (Indonesian Sweetened Crackers) The crackers have a slightly bitter taste and are frequently served as a snack or accompaniment to Indonesian dishes and made from seeds of Gnetum gnemon (paddy oats, melinjo, belinjo). Melinjo is widely used in Indonesian cooking including the leaves.

Emping are a type of Indonesian chips, a bite-size snack kripik cracker, made of melinjo or belinjo (Gnetum gnemon) nuts (which are seeds). Emping crackers have a slightly bitter taste.

These Mama Melincho Emping Manis are homemade by an Indonesian, 100% Authentic, and they are drizzled with manis (honey in Indo). Thus, carrying a bittersweet taste.