Australia Bravo™ Apples (6pc)


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It is like the darkest plum you will see. It is a striking piece of fruit, somewhere between a deep burgundy and black. The colour is so different – it's this very dark colour which it's very high in antioxidants.

The flavour is very very sweet, but balanced with tart. Sweeter than an Envy but with a lesser crunch. Depends how you like your apples. Like the Envy, Bravo apples will not turn brown after being cut as it has just the right amount of acid.

Bravo apples are the product of the world's most successful apple breeding program in Australia. It has been developed to be outstanding on all fronts – from its dark good looks to its distinctive flavour and texture.

You can recognise a Bravo apple by its: Distinctive dark burgundy skin. Great crunch and texture.