Australia Golden Pride Pearl Mangoes (2pcs)


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  • has firm, juicy flesh with a rich, sweet flavour and a brilliant golden apricot-yellow colour

  • widely-spread, grown in all but one mainland state in Australia

  • its firm fibreless flesh makes the Honeygold the perfect choice for salads and smoothies, and to eat on its own, fresh or frozen, as there are no mango fibres to get stuck between your teeth

  • available from November to March

  • a slightly smaller mango (300 – 400g) with very firm flesh, a sweet, juicy flavour, and a lovely pearl-flecked skin with a bright orange to red blush

  • its firm flesh makes it a great no-mess fruit to work with in the kitchen

  • a late maturing variety that ripens evenly and generally has a longer shelf life of between 7 and 21 days

  • available throughout the month of February