China 鸡尾柚 Grapefruit Pomelo Citrumelo Giftbox (6pc)


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Cocktail pomelo is called grapefruit. It is one of the grapefruit varieties. It is a low-sugar fruit.

The sugar content in every 100 grams of Cocktail grapefruit pulp is about 9%-13%.

Diabetic patients can use it in small amounts. In addition, the flesh of chicken tail pomelo is full and juicy, tastes bitter or astringent, or sweet and sour.

It can be eaten directly or used as jam, beverage, salad, etc. to taste better.

The shape of Cocktail pomelo is flat and spherical, the diameter of the fruit is generally 10-15 cm, the skin is thin, the color is orange, and it is smaller than the size of pomelo. Some fruits have rings on the top, and there are 12-13 petals of flesh inside the fruit.

The color is yellowish white or pink, the fruit core is sponge paper ground, seedless or contains a few seeds, and the seed color is yellowish or blue-green.