Customise Mid-Autumn 中秋節禮籃 Gift Set (Free Gift Wrapping)


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This Mid-Autumn Festival is the first to for us to gather since the pandemic. Hence we've put everything round and sweet together, signifying a harmonious come-together. 

    • Yamanashi Premium Shine Muscat 700-800g 
  • (一聲關懷,心心相牽)
  • Wakayama House Seedless Mikan (400g, 5-6pcs) (恩恩愛愛,甜甜蜜蜜)
  • CH Organic Roasted Chestnut (好運真切,幸福的確)
  • Viet x JA Fuji Melon (一輪明月一顆心,二位妙人心連心)
  • 2pc Taiwan Wendan Madou Pomelo (雙雙對對,團團圓圓) 

We will include other tropical fruits to fill up the basket with colours and variety as well. Pictured below are the main/ star items to represent the well wishes of Mid Autumn, from us to you, from you to your loved ones.