Japan Fukui Kinpuku Watermelon (Golden Fortune)


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Kinpuku Suika is a new species of watermelon that was developed in Fukui City. Fukui City currently cultivates these watermelons, especially in the sand hill region, making it an exclusive product of Fukui.

The name “Kinpuku” (Golden Fortune) is based on the golden color and the beautiful appearance of the watermelon. It embodies the prayers for good health and happiness for the citizens of Fukui City and for economic growth for the city as a whole.
With that in mind, we highly recommend the Kinpuku Suika as gifts.

These watermelons are also recognised as Fukui “recommended products”.

The Kinpuku is completely spherical and exhibits a lustrous sleek gold colour on the outside. On the inside, the fruit is a brilliant red colour. Generally, the fruit weighs roughly two kilograms.

Decently sweet and delightfully crunchy, each watermelon is guaranteed to be a treat.
Although the watermelons contain a few soft seeds, the seeds are indeed edible. The rind is very thin, so nearly all of the fruit is edible.

They are harvested from late June until mid-August, in 
Fukui Prefecture, Japan.