Ibaraki Watermelon (Seasonal, 1.6kg)


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Ibaraki is Japan's number one producer of melons, in terms of both production area and amount, and a number of varieties are grown here.

The 'Andes' and 'Quincy' varieties, as well as the 'Otome' and 'Takami' and Ibaraki original brand 'Ibaraking' varieties, are grown from spring to early summer, and the 'Earl's' variety is grown from summer to autumn, so you can enjoy delicious melons for around half of the year.


Watermelons are sweet regardless in which part of the world you’re enjoying them in, but nothing compares to the Japanese watermelon — these babies are crazy sweet delicious!

The main reason behind this is that watermelons in Japan — like many other fruits, in fact — are considered a luxury: something you’d give to a really important sempai as a thank you or summer gift rather than something essential for your seasonal diet. With that in mind, farmers in Japan grow watermelons as if they were a piece of rare jewelry to please your guts: they choose the perfect soil, the perfect seeds, the perfect pruning methods and everything else to make them look and taste heavenly