Italy RedPop® Little Sweet Apple (6pc/ Punnet)


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RedPop® surprises you from the first bite:
tenacious and lively!

And after the crispy bite she reveals a sweet and juicy soul.

Her flavours are intriguing and her taste is incredibly genuine.


RedPop, on the other hand, was bred in Italy by CIV. Its flavours reportedly range "from plum to elderflower to dried fruit and honey sweetness".

Also deep red on a yellow background, it is smaller in size with a slightly striped appearance.

It is also the result of crossing two varieties: Gala and Coop39, the latter better known in the market as Crimson Crisp.

According to CIV, the apple is "sweet and crunchy" with similarly strong storage and shelf-life potential. It will be harvested much earlier – from mid-August to mid-September – and sold from January to August.