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Redness in the face is a sign of sweetness! House Mikan ≪Mihamakko≫
It is a house mandarin orange cultivated mainly in Mihama-cho, which is located in Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture, which has a warm climate.

The Chita Peninsula faces Mikawa Bay to the east and Ise Bay to the west.

It has a deep red color (dark orange), a rich flavor, and an overflowing sweetness that makes it a perfect mandarin orange for summer.

It is said that the redder the mandarin orange, the sweeter it is. A little puffy figure. At a glance, you can immediately recognize Mihamakko.

In the middle of winter, the greenhouse is heated to the temperature of the middle of summer (over 24 degrees), and water is kept to a minimum.

This creates a lot of stress for the mandarin tree, but it produces very sweet mandarin oranges.