JA Aomori Sekaiichi 世界一福 ”The World’s Best Apple” (Jumbo, 2pc)


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The world's best apples from Aomori Prefecture  Apples

that bear very large fruits Apples are a popular fruit with the second largest fruit cultivation area in Japan. Everyone's favorite apple has probably been considered a gift once or twice. At times like that, what do you choose apples for standards? Considering the purpose and destination, there are various requests such as "red apples", "sweet apples", "soft apples", "appearance-oriented", etc. So, if you want a large apple that emphasizes appearance, then Sekaiichi Apple is the most promising candidate. Japan's apple technology is very advanced, and one of its representatives is the world's largest apple .


With its large appearance and deep luster, this apple is popular overseas as well . Thanks to this, it has become a rare apple that is rarely seen in Japan.

The world's number one apple that you want to give when you have a celebratory event is a super large fruit variety that was born by crossing "Delicious" and "Golden Delicious". It started when it was advertised as "world'slargest apple" and is still used as a common name, but its real name is "Aori No. 4". The fruit shape is conical, and the flesh is yellowish white, slightly hard and dense. Rich in fruit juice, slightly acidic and sweet, the taste is satisfying.