JA Fuefuki Kai Ichinomiya Hakuhou Momo Peach Gift Box (3kg)


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Carefully selected varieties! Soft peaches and Hakuho peaches from Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture Hakuho peaches, a representative line of Japanese peaches.

It features a beautiful contrast between red and white, and a slightly large fruit with a mellow aroma.

春日居支所の桃『夢みずき』 秀品 大玉 5〜6玉 約1.6kg 山梨県産 簡易梱包 ※常温|豊洲市場ドットコム
The meat quality is dense and soft. If you put it in your mouth, the juice will overflow.
It has a strong sweetness and almost no acidity.

This time, we will deliver the proud gem that grew up in Ichinomiya Town, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, which is a famous peach producing area among such Hakuho series!

一宮水蜜』山梨県産 桃 秀品 約1.8kg(大玉5〜6玉) 化粧箱 ※常温 JAふえふき 一宮西支所|豊洲市場ドットコム
From the Hakuho peaches such as Hikawa Hakuho, Yawata Hakuho, Asama Hakuho, and Hakuho, we will carefully select and send the most delicious varieties at that time!
Please enjoy the sweet and juicy Kai Ichinomiya peaches with a melting texture