JA Hokkaido Yurine Lily Bulb 百合根 (Large, 2pc)


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Lily bulbs or urine (百合根) are edible lily bulbs commonly eaten in China and Japan as part of traditional medicine or in high-end cuisine.

Lily root preparation lesson Surprisingly easy! Lily root preparation!  !

1.  First, wash off the sawdust with water.  2.  Remove rust Use a peeler or a kitchen knife to remove rust (brown parts) and dirt.  3.  Remove the scallops Remove the outer scallops one by one.

4.  Cut off the roots When you can see the roots, cut them off with a kitchen knife and peel off the rinds.  5.  Rinse with water again Wash the broken pieces of rind with water.  6.  Finishing the preparation Use a peeler or kitchen knife to scrape away any rust, dirt, etc., and complete the preparation.

After the preparation is complete, soak in water or pre-boil according to the dish.  ■ How to store Lily bulbs can be kept fresh for about a month by burying them in sawdust and storing them in the refrigerator without washing them.  If you wash it, you can use it for about 4 to 5 days by exposing it to cold water.  If you want to freeze it, steam it or boil it hard and wrap it one by one.


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[Hokkaido product] Lily bulb

 [Hokkaido product] Lily bulb