JA Ibaraki "IbaraKiss" Ichigo Strawberry Gift Box (500g)


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イチゴらしさ溢れる豊かな果実味「いばらキッス」 【茨城直送便04】 | 料理通信

The biggest feature is that the sugar content is high and the balance with acidity is very good, and the taste is rich. First, “Red Pearl”, which is sweet and has a large fruit, and “Akihime”, which has a low acidity and soft flesh, were crossbred, and “Tochiotome”, which has firm flesh, was crossbred. It took about eight years to develop. Researchers at the Ibaraki Prefectural Agricultural Center judge each of the approximately 10,000 strains obtained from various crossbreeding combinations, and repeatedly select those that are highly evaluated in terms of color, shape, taste, fruit quality, yield, etc. It was finally discovered.

第28回茨城を食べよう連動プレゼント企画 【いばらキッス】 | プレゼントキャンペーン | 茨城をたべよう 食と農のポータルサイト

Not only does it taste good, but the flesh is just the right amount of firmness and has a nice texture. You can enjoy the rich fruity flavor of strawberries to your heart's content.