JA Ibaraki Sugaya Berry Farm Ichigo Kko “Ripe Strawberries” (250g/ Punnet)


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The season of bright red strawberries has come again this year.

Ripe strawberries "Ichigokko" grown by Sugaya Strawberry Farm, which has been dedicated to strawberries for 40 years.

The strawberries, which are made in the soil without using chemical pesticides, are used by famous patissiers in Tokyo and have won numerous awards.

Strawberries that have a sweet finish with less sourness are recommended for gifts and at home.


Ripe strawberries with a sugar content of over 20 degrees
Strawberries are cultivated in various places in Ibaraki Prefecture, and various varieties are in season, from the familiar Tochiotome to Ibaraki's original variety, Ibara Kiss. Even in Kasumigaura City, where various fruits grow all year round, Tochiotome and other sweet strawberries are turning red.