JA Kochi Prefecture Greenhouse Refreshing Green Lemons (500g)


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Lemon is said to be the representative of fragrant citrus, boasting top-class vitamin C content among citrus fruits.

Greenhouse lemons grown in Kochi Prefecture have a bright blue colour and are known as "green lemons." More fragrant than yellow lemon, slightly sweet and sour refreshing. You can enjoy the beautiful colours from early summer to early winter. When it loses a little colour and becomes yellowish green, it is a particularly delicious timing.

This is a "green lemon" before it ripens to yellow.

楽天市場】【愛媛県大三島産】国産グリーンレモン搾汁用・訳訳【サイズばら4kg】【ノーワックス・防腐剤不使用】見た目訳あり ワケあり わけありホリ田ヤ〔 レモン〕 : sima ホリ田ヤ
Compared to the common yellow lemon, it has a strong and refreshing "fragrance and sourness".