JA Nagano Akihime Autumn Plum (400g/ Punnet)


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"Akihime" is delicious even when the flesh is hard. This is a nice feature of But if you want sweetness, wait until it's visibly soft ♪ It's surprisingly sweet!

The sweet scent is a sign of the ripe time to eat. The whole room is like a flower garden ♪ It will be filled with a sweet scent!

first-class!  Guiyang, the king of plums

Akihime is sweet, tart, and fragrant, and it's delicious!

If you leave it at room temperature for a few days, it will ripen and become delicious.

◆Pre-ripening◆ plums are firm to the touch. The flesh is hard and sweet and sour, and it tastes exactly like a plum.

◆After ripening◆ , the flesh becomes soft. The acidity is removed and the sweetness becomes stronger, giving it a rich flavor.