JA Nagano Akihime Sunsept Plums Gift Box (1.2kg)


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“Akihime” may be more delicious than plums in early summer! It's a new variety that has been improved from an old variety, so it's natural ♪ Even so,
it's like a dream to be able to eat such delicious plums in September ♪

"Akihime" is delicious even when the flesh is hard. This is a nice feature of But if you want sweetness, wait until it's visibly soft ♪ It's surprisingly sweet!

The sweet scent is a sign of the ripe time to eat. The whole room is like a flower garden ♪ It will be filled with a sweet scent!

"Akihime" is sweet, sour, and fragrant, and it's delicious!


Flesh is yellow and juicy. There are many sweet and sour tastes, and the taste is rich.

Refreshing when the sour plums are fully ripe. . The sweetness
is added and the exquisite taste is addictive!

When the flesh softens a little, it's ready to eat and delicious!