JA Shuei Akibae Kodama Apples (4pc)


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The texture is the best with a precise and rich taste!
"Akibae" is an apple from Nagano Prefecture, and is characterized by its dark red skin. The size is around 300 to 350 g, and the flesh is slightly firm. Sweetness and sourness are in harmony, and there is a lot of fruit juice, and the fragrance is good.


The fruit is about 300g in size, and the skin tends to turn a very dark red even in southern regions such as Nagano, and it is a breed that tends to become reddish and dark in cold regions such as Aomori. In addition, the area around the depression at the base of the fruit stem often remains yellow-green.

Akibae Apple

The flesh is yellowish white and hard type with firm texture. It is very juicy and has enough sourness for sweetness, and it feels like a sweet and sour apple as a whole. The scent is strong enough as well.