JA Wakayama High-Grade Taishu Gaki Sweet Persimmon


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Late-blooming high-grade sweet persimmon
`Taishugaki' This sweet persimmon was born in 1994 under the name of `Taishu' after selecting Fuyu persimmon as its mother at the Akitsu Branch of the Fruit Tree Experiment Station.

Since ring-shaped streaks tend to form on the surface of the fruit and it looks bad, it was not popular at the time of its birth . Sweet persimmon.


In addition, Taishu persimmon is difficult to cultivate, and in many cases it bears fruit only once every two years.


The streaks on the surface of Taishu persimmon are proof that it is fully ripe!

If the sugar content is high, a spiral pattern may appear on the surface of the fruit skin. This is not a scratch, it is called a stripe pattern. Taishu persimmon is a persimmon that has this pattern more often as it is sweeter and tastier, and this stripe pattern is proof of its deliciousness!


The texture will surprise you when you eat it! It's crispy and juicy♪

The unique texture of Taishu persimmon, which is said to be like a pear, is a charm you won't find anywhere else.

It is a large, thick persimmon with a high sugar content and almost no seeds. The crunchy texture and fresh sweetness are the new flavors of persimmons!