JA Wakayama Premium Kijuku Gokuten Mandarin Oranges (500g)


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"Ten" mandarin oranges are "JA Kinan brand mandarin oranges" with a high sugar content among Kinan mandarin oranges selected at that time. In order to produce high-sugar mandarin oranges, we have devised ways such as multi-coating.

It boasts a thin skin, high sugar content, and a good balance of acidity and sweetness. Among them, we will deliver the one with the highest sugar content as "Gokuten".

産地直送 通販 お取り寄せ木熟みかん「極天」(小玉サイズ) 3kg 【お歳暮にも】: JA紀南|JAタウン楽天市場】 紀南のみかん > 木熟みかん「天」 : 紀州梅のJA紀南