JA Wakayama Tonewase Gaki Outdoor Persimmon Gift Box (2kg)


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Tonewasegaki is a seedless persimmon that matures early and has the highest production volume.

Tonewase persimmons are very similar to Hiratanenashi persimmons.

It is a popular variety that is not only easy to cut because it has no seeds, but also easy to eat.

Sweetness is strong, fruit juice is abundant, flesh is not hard, it is not too soft and has a nice texture.

Tonewase persimmons and Hiratanenashi persimmons are the same type of astringent persimmon, and are very similar in taste, flavor and texture.

(Astringency is removed with alcohol and carbon dioxide gas.)

Persimmons have a very short harvest period, so for those who want to enjoy the taste of autumn as soon as possible, Tokon persimmons ripen 10 to 15 days earlier than Hiratanenashi persimmons. 

We recommend early-ripening persimmons and Nakatani early-ripening persimmons.