Japan Aichi Gamagori Setoka Seedless Mandarin Orange Gift Box (3kg)


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"Setoka" is a hybrid variety of "Kiyomi x Encore" and "Marcott".
It is also very popular, and it is one of the high-end citrus fruits that ranks shoulder to shoulder with Beni Madonna, Kanpei, and Dekopon.

Among them, you can enjoy "greenhouse cultivation (house) products" for only about a month.
The moisture and temperature are carefully adjusted to ensure the most delicious state, so we promise a stable taste and high quality.
JA Gamagori City, a master of greenhouse cultivation, has a lot of inquiries and is trusted by department stores and high-end department stores.

Peeling off the thin skin of Setoka reveals a pulp filled with plenty of juice.
The dense pulp is tightly packed and elastic, and the fresh, sweet juice overflows.