Japan Aichi Jirogaki Persimmon


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Aichi, situated in the center of Japan, is home to Nagoya and Chubu Centrair International Airport. The region is also blessed with a temperate climate and an abundance of water.

Several types of delicious fruits, including citrus fruits like the mandarin orange, persimmons, grapes, pears, peaches, figs, and more are cultivated in Aichi, allowing people to be able to enjoy various types of fruit pickings in each season.

The Japanese kaki is surprising to many at first taste, because it is nothing like the astringent version usually sold in the west. Soft and delicately sweet, the fuyugaki has firm flesh and the fruit is often seedless. A real treat!

The fruit is often eaten like an apple, or cut into pieces for dessert or a fruit salad. It complements vegetarian menus well, such as those served at Koyasan. But it can also be served in salads, paired with avocado for example.

In the sweet persimmon category, there is also the jirogaki variety, whose fruit is flatter and larger.