Japan Aomori Sugar Prunes (500g/ Punnet)


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Small and sweet

The prune is small, about 30-40g per grain, and is characterized by its strong sweetness. It has a stronger sweetness than general prunes and has a sugar content of about 18 degrees. It also has a moderate acidity and emphasizes a strong sweetness. It is a variety that has a lot of fruit juice and you can enjoy a juicy taste. The outer skin is slightly bright purple.


Thin skin

It is also characterized by its thin skin, so you can eat the whole skin. There is plenty of nutrition and umami between the skin and the fruit, so be sure to take it with you. Since it is an easy-to-eat variety, many are eaten raw.


Prune harvest time

The prune is harvested from mid-September to mid-October. Harvesting begins earlier in Nagano than in Hokkaido. Prune is a late-maturing species, as early harvesting begins in late July.