Japan Ehime Kiyomi 100% Pure Orange Juice (720ml)


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  • Name: Ehime orange juice straight
  • KIYOMI Kiyomi Tangor It is characterized by its softness and sweetness, which makes you eat the whole Kiyomi as it is, and its clear acidity. [How to eat] You can enjoy it as it is, or pour it into a glass and enjoy the aroma.


We squeezed about 20 Kiyomi from Nishiuwa, Ehime prefecture!

Genuine 100% straight with no additives, fragrances or preservatives, without using any concentrated and reduced ingredients.

Kiyomi (Kiyomi Tangor) is a hybrid of Satsuma mandarin and Trovita orange, and is characterized by its abundant juice and refreshing sweetness.

Kiyomi juice, which has a refreshing aftertaste and is popular with men, can be used as a cocktail by dividing it into alcohol!

As it is a juice, you can enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juice that contains the season as it is.
(Please cool it in the refrigerator and enjoy.)