Japan Ehime Premium Beni Madonna Jelly Oranges (Highly Recommended)


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A hybrid of Nanka and Amakusa. It has a very thin and soft exodermis and a sac (thin skin), and the flesh is smooth like jelly and has plenty of juice. In addition to its high sugar content and quick acid removal, it is becoming more and more popular as a gift at the end of the year due to its beautiful appearance with a large ball and deep crimson. 

Since the outer skin is thin and difficult to peel off, please enjoy it as a cut fruit.


Beni Madonna, Shu Grade 2L, Approx. 5kg (Approx. 20) | J's Agri

ポンカン」品種紹介|みかんのことなら「のま果樹園」楽天市場】【 せとか 】○等級 大きさお任せ 5kg 送料無料 キズ・スレあり家庭用 愛媛県 中島産 ギフト みかん ミカン 蜜柑 ギフトプレゼント  【岡山果物工房】:岡山果物工房~御中元御歳暮ギフト