Japan Ehime Premium Honey Ponkan Honai Mandarin Oranges


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The town where honey was born!

Ponkan Mitsuru, a brand co-selected by Honai in Ehime Prefecture, a high sugar content that has passed the selection of ponkan in a garden that has cleared the location conditions with an !

It has a moderate acidity in its sweetness, has a good scent, and can be easily peeled off by hand. The fruit selection by the optical sensor measures the sugar content and acidity without damaging the citrus fruits, and more delicious.

Ponkan is an old citrus fruit. Ehime prefecture is one of the largest citrus fruits in Japan! Mandarin oranges and Iyokan are also shipped to various places. Like mandarin oranges, ponkan is a citrus fruit that can be easily peeled off by hand, for a long time, but for some reason it seems to have become a half-hearted existence. It 's a citrus fruit that I want to review again so that it won't be forgotten Ponkan has a strong acidity after harvesting, so store it for a while to adjust the taste.

There may be some seeds in the flesh, so be careful!