Japan Fukuoka Akiou 秋王 Autumn Persimmon (2pc)


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Characteristics of Autumn King, which is called the King of Autumn It is Fukuoka Prefecture's original brand persimmon " Autumn King " that boasts a sugar content of 18 degrees or more. The biggest feature of this persimmon is that it has no seeds . In fact, the world's first "seedless persimmon" is this autumn king. It looks like a dark orange at sunset. The fruits are crispy like the famous "Taiki persimmon" and have a chewy texture. With plenty of fruit juice, the mellow sweetness is exquisite! It is exactly the king of autumn .

It is carefully cultivated with the farmer's desire to "make delicious and safe fruits in beautiful nature". The gorgeous appearance and the surprise of the sweetness at the moment of eating should be the best persimmon I have ever eaten!