Japan Hokkaido Nomura Millet Salted Biscuits (130g/ Pack)


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It is a nostalgic sweet that is made by deep-fried fragrantly baked biscuits and finished with delicious sun-dried salt with plenty of minerals.

Nomura Soybean Processing Shop was founded in 1918 as Nomura Shoten, which processes and sells beans. It was around 1955 that I started making millet biscuits.
Even if the times change, the manufacturing method does not change, and it is an old-fashioned snack that has been popular since the days of grandpa and grandma.



Biscuit dough (flour, sugar, shortening, grape sugar, salt), vegetable oil, salt / leavening agent, emulsifier (derived from soybean)

* Products using peanuts, eggs, milk components, buckwheat, shrimp, sesame, cashew nuts at this product processing factory Manufactures.


Best Before: 25th October 2021