Japan Ibaraki Red Kodama Manamusume Suika Watermelon (Mini, 900g)


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The flesh is bright red-pink, with few fibers and a good texture, and you can enjoy the sweetness and crispy texture.It is a seasonal Kodama watermelon carefully selected mainly from Ibaraki prefecture, which is the home of production!

Kodama watermelon is a popular product because it is reasonably sized to fit in the refrigerator, is easy to handle, has a rich sweetness, and can be eaten up to the skin.

This product is a non-defective standard including those with cavities in the flesh, but there is no problem with the taste and freshness, so please enjoy with confidence.

Manamusume is the largest of the Kodama watermelons and is a variety that does not easily generate cavities.

It is a watermelon with an excellent taste that has a crispy and smooth texture and abundant sweetness.

Also, because there are few white parts, there are many parts that are deliciously eaten.