Japan Kochi Crystal Wendan Pomelo 水晶文旦

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About the appearance of crystal pomelo (the fruit inside)

First of all, as for the appearance, you may know that the outer skin is green and ripe, but when you peel off the skin, the inside fruit and the fruit of each bunch are big! That is the point. Since it is a house product, the outer skin is thin, and if you imagine the pomelo of an open-air object and peel it off, you will be surprised to see the splendid fruit. Therefore, even if you buy a relatively small ball, it means that the fruit is considerably larger than you expected. (= This is the case of the crystal pomelo sold by our shop. Please note that the quality may be pinch depending on the producer, and some crystal pomelo has a thick outer skin.)

About the color of the fruit of the crystal pomelo

The color of the fruit that appears after peeling the outer skin is close to "clear white". That is exactly like the crystal of a jewel, which is the origin of the name of Crystal Pomelo. (It's not as yellow as the open-air pomelo.)

About the texture of crystal pomelo

Next is the texture, but the texture is amazing . Each bunch and fruit is large, so it is very satisfying to eat. It's juicy, and every time you chew it, the juice overflows! (This also has individual differences depending on the item. Our crystal pomelo is okay!)

About the taste and aroma of crystal pomelo

It has a richer sweetness with less sourness than the open-air pomelo! It is a sweet pomelo that has the highest sugar content among the pomelo when measured with a sugar content meter.

And the scent is a little different from the vivid open-air pomelo, giving off a more mellow, indescribable good scent. When I smell this scent, I feel like "Oh, autumn has come". A soothing, sweet scent.


Is it sour when green is dark and sweet when yellowish?

The shade of green "has nothing to do with" the sweetness inside. Even if the green color is dark, the sweet crystal pomelo is sweet. On the other hand, there are some crystal pomelo that are yellowish but not sweet. At first glance, I think it is a fruit that is difficult for an amateur to judge by appearance.