Japan Kochi Premium Ookimi Ichigo 大妃美 Gift Box (450g)


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According to the homepage of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, the fruit of "Ookimi" has an average fruit weight of 20 g or more, which is quite large among strawberries, and the shape is from a cone to a short cone, and it is excellent in grain alignment.

The color of the pericarp is shiny orange-red to red, and the flesh is pale light to red.

The fruits are hard, have excellent shelf life, have a high sugar content, have aroma, and have an extremely good taste.

By the way, Ookimi is the parent of the white strawberry "Yukiusagi" . The white snow rabbit with a white skin is a variety with a large fruit with an average fruit weight of 35 g. It can be said that this great fruitiness inherits the nature of Ookimi.

It's a good-tasting variety, so it's best to eat it raw. If you have a large size, you can cut it before eating. When cutting, remove the calyx after washing with water before cutting.

Of course, it is also suitable for cakes and parfaits. It will look great even if you cut it and decorate it, or topping it as it is because it is a large ball.