Japan Kumamoto Home Run White-Meat Melon (800g)


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"Home run (home run star)" melon is a no-net melon with no mesh on the surface. The color of the pericarp is milky white, and the flesh is white as well as the skin. When fully ripe, the sweetness becomes stronger, and the soft flesh has a fresh and melty texture. It weighs about 1 kg to 1.3 kg and is slightly oval or spherical. The scent is not very strong.

It was born by mating "white meat honeydew" and "green meat honeydew" and was named in 1977 (Showa 52). Kobayashi seedlings were registered as varieties in 1981 (the name at the time of filing was "home run" and the registered name was "home run star").

It is a variety that is easy to cultivate and resistant to diseases, and is mainly cultivated in Ibaraki and Kumamoto prefectures.