Japan Kumamoto Masano Koi Minori Awayuki Red and White Ichigo Strawberry


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Masano Strawberry

The deep flavor is created by using clean water pumped from 200m underground on the mineral-rich soil that was originally the sea and was reclaimed .

In addition, the temperature changes unique to the plains transform the deep flavor into a more condensed flavor. In addition, by bathing in a lot of light, it grows into fragrant strawberries.

Strawberries have a history of about 200 years, and they have become a fruit loved by everyone thanks to the experiences of our predecessors, such as their constant efforts and wisdom. Masano strawberries made in our own farm were created by adding future possibilities based on the blessings of nature and the experiences of our predecessors . Please enjoy the condensed deliciousness and rich aroma.

▼ White Strawberry Awayuki "Awayuki" is a pale pink variety that is rare in the world. It is characterized by its low acidity and moist sweetness, and is very popular with women and children. We have carefully selected large, high-quality products from our Awayuki, which has been used by famous patisseries and has been well received by overseas celebrities.

▼ Red Strawberry Koi Minori A red strawberry that is perfect for gift-giving, named with the wish of "May your feelings reach you on strawberries." When you bite into the plump, round and large fruits, the juicy juice overflows and the elegant aroma spreads throughout your mouth.

▼Red Strawberry Benihoppe The royal road strawberry, Benihoppe, where you can enjoy a mellow taste. Juicy, crimson strawberries go well with anything.