Japan Kumamoto Ueki Arus White-Fleshed Melon


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The Arus melon is almost perfectly spherical and small to medium in size. Its rind is covered in an intricate net-like pattern with dark to light green undertones and highly aromatic. In fact, the denser its net pattern, the richer its fragrance. The inner flesh is a vibrant, bright green colour, and when fully ripe, highly perfumed with tropical notes and a sweet juicy consistency. When the melon bottom is soft and yields to slight pressure it is ready to be eaten.

They are best suited for fresh eating in salads and appetizers or used as the principle ingredient in a chilled summer soup, granitas, sorbets and popsicles. Their floral sweetness balances well against tart, spicy, and salty ingredients. Complimentary flavours include, basil, mint, cilantro and arugula, lemons and limes, chiles, nuts, ginger, vanilla, prosciutto, figs and grapes.

Whole Arus melons can be kept refrigerated for up to seven days.