Japan Kumamoto Yumekuro Kodama Suika Watermelon 黑夢小玉


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Among the Yumekuro Kodama watermelons, we will prepare and deliver the largest one. Big and sweet! The irresistible delicious "Yumekuro Kodama" is a watermelon that is attracting attention right now.

Product name: Yumekuro Kodama Watermelon (Cultivar Hitojime Bon Bon)
Origin: Kumamoto Prefecture (Yumedaichi Kamoto)
Class: Excellent 4L or 5L size
Contents: 8kg or more (2 balls included)

The flesh is vivid The red color gives it a crisp and rich feel. And the skin is thin and the edges of the endothelium are sweet. And this time, we will prepare and deliver the largest size of Yumekuro Kodama watermelon.