Japan Miyazaki Konatsu Hyuganatsu Citrus Oranges Gift Box (3kg)


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This citrus fruit, called Konatsu in Kochi, is called Hyuganatsu in Miyazaki Prefecture and New Summer Orange in Ehime Prefecture.

Hyuga summer, Miyazaki native of citrus. Peel it thinly like an apple and enjoy it with the white skin on. A refreshing scent and sweetness of white skin! The flesh of the pre-prepared texture! You can enjoy a new texture that has never been seen before.

Born in Miyazaki prefecture. There are two possible reasons why it has become widely loved throughout the country as Tosa Konatsu. One is the warm climate brought about by the warm current of the Kuroshio Current. The other is that a farmer and forestry engineer in Kochi Prefecture devised a method of peeling the skin like an apple and eating it with white cuticles.

Konatsu's white cuticles are thick and fluffy, which is added to the refreshing acidity of Konatsu and you can enjoy the elegant sweetness. It is not sour like summer oranges and not as sweet as oranges. An excellent balance of sweetness and acidity, and juiciness that moisturizes the throat. It delivers a refreshing and refreshing taste throughout your body.

In Konatsu, when you peel it by hand like a mandarin orange, you can feel the acidity. To enjoy the right balance of sourness and sweetness, it is important to peel it with a knife like an apple and leave about half of the white skin.
After that, slice it as shown in the picture and enjoy.

You can fully enjoy the good balance of sweetness and sourness and juicy juice. Some people sprinkle sugar or salt if they like. Processed sweets such as juice and jelly are also popular.