Japan Nagano Mix Grape Gift Box (Nagano Purple & Shine Muscat, 1.2kg)


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This Nagano Purple is an original grape cultivated only in Nagano Prefecture.

It is a hybrid of Kyoho and Rezamart, and it has no seeds and can be eaten with its skin, so there is no need to get your hands dirty or to takeout seeds.

The grains are cylindrical and have a characteristic purple-black peel, and the skin is thin and less astringent, so it is delicious to eat.

Also, since the skin contains a lot of polyphenols, it is delicious and good for the body, so it is two birds with one stone.




Japan Nagano Shine Muscat is a hybrid between Akitsu No. 21 x Hakunan, which has no seeds and can be eaten with its skin.

It is a very popular grape in recent years with a refreshing scent peculiar to Muscat and a certain sweetness. In addition, the skin is rich in polyphenols. It
is a grape that has become popular in recent years because it has a unique crispy texture.

A noble-flavoured muscat that inherits the DNA of Alexandria grapes!