Japan Nagano Premium Nan Shui Pear (2pc)


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Rumored pears that "If you eat this pear, you will not be able to eat other pears!" Introducing a new variety of pear called "Nansui".

"Kosui", "Toyosui", "Nijisseiki" ...

The characteristics of "Nansui" and "Nansui" born in Shinshu and Nagano prefecture, which boast the highest sugar content among the Japanese pears that currently have more than 150 varieties. After all, this sweetness!

Among the more than 150 types of Japanese pears, it is extremely sweet and has an average sugar content of 14 to 15 degrees.
The average sugar content of "Kosui", which is the most eaten in Japan, is 12 to 13 degrees, so you can see how sweet "Nanmizu" is.

However, the sugar content of 14 to 15% is the average value of general south water.
The sugar content of "Nanshui" at this cove farm is even higher, 16 degrees! !!