Japan Nagano Niagara Grape Juice 100% (1L/ Bottle)


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Nagano's Tsuruya original drink "luxury squeezed grape juice (Niagara)” - Grape with a deep and rich taste, and the sweetness of nature while fully feeling the flesh. This is a real taste, intensely delicious.

Deeply taste the juice with Niagara grape flesh.

If you tried the luxuriously squeezed grape juice (Niagara), you will not be able to drink “ordinary” drinks.

"Luxury squeezed grape juice (Niagara)" is a drink that is said to be particularly delicious in Tsuruya Premium .

The characteristic of luxury squeezed grape juice (Niagara) is 100% straight fruit juice from Shinshu squeezed to leave the flesh of Niagara grapes harvested by hand, and it is a drink that you can see the flesh from the outside of the bottle.

Genuine taste like luxury squeezed grape juice (Niagara) has a taste that can not be compared with grape juice that can be purchased at ordinary supermarkets and convenience stores, it is luxury squeezed grape juice (Niagara) even for those who have never actually drank it You should be able to feel it from the image of).

You can buy it as a souvenir or drink it for yourself, and let's taste such a luxurious grape juice alone.