Japan Nagano Purple Seedless Grapes (600-700g)


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Nagano Purple is a grape grown at the Nagano Fruit Tree Experiment Station in the city with Kyoho and Rezamart (* Note 1) as parents.

The variety was registered in 2004, and currently it can only be cultivated in Nagano prefecture. In addition, it is a rare grape with a small amount of production.

The characteristic of Nagano Purple is that it is "a large grape that has no seeds and can be eaten up to the skin".

Furthermore, in recent years, "seedless and skin-eating" grapes have been born one after another, and Nagano Purple in particular is also a black grape, and its greatest strength is that the skin is rich in polyphenols.
Eating a bunch of Nagano purple is said to give you the same amount of resveratrol (a type of polyphenol) as a bottle of red wine.
Although it is the essential taste, it is characterized by its "refreshing sweetness" while having a sugar content that is as good as that of Kyoho.