Japan Oita Amakusa Miko Orange Gift Box (2.5kg)


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Amakusa orange is a hybrid of (Kiyomi tangerine x early orange)x page orange, and among the Amakusa oranges cultivated inOita prefecture, only those that have clearedstrict fruit selectionstandards are [Beautiful daughters].

It is a citrus fruit with a thin skin, soft flesh, and a fine and juicy texture! 

When you put "Amakusa" in your mouth, the first thing that surprises you is the plenty of juice! The sweet and soft flesh can be tossed in your mouth ♪ The sweetness that is less sour and never gets tired is addictive.

It is difficult to peel off the thin-skinned beauty girl (Miko) by hand, so it is recommended to cut it with a knife and eat it.

Cut the fruit vertically with a knife into 6 to 8 pieces and enjoy.

The skin is glossy and smooth. Also, if it is the same size, choose one that is heavy. The heavier one contains more juice. It is safer to avoid those with dead calyx or calyx. Amakusa has a slightly reddish orange color, so choose one that has a good overall color and is slightly darker.