Japan Oita Fruit Juices (190ml/ Bottle)


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Oita Yuzu:

Finished by adding summer orange whelk and honey to the fragrant yuzu from Oita prefecture. 

Ingredient name: High fructose corn syrup, Yuzu (Oita prefecture), Fruit grain (Natsumikan (domestic), Honey, Acidulant, Fragrance, Vitamin C, Sweetener (Acesulfame K)


産地直送 通販 お取り寄せつぶらなユズ 190g×30本: JA全農おおいた|JAタウン

Oita Kabosu:

Kabosu is a citrus fruit called perfume citrus, which has acidity and a refreshing flavour.

Oita Prefecture has the highest production of kabosu in Japan, with 97% being produced in Oita Prefecture.

It is a specialty product that represents Oita Prefecture, and there are many processed products such as juices and sweets that use kabosu.

JAつぶらなドリンクシリーズ 同一銘柄でもOK! 選べる3種類 つぶらなカボス つぶら

つぶらなブドウ 190g×30本入 JAフーズおおいた販売店

Oita Grape:

This is a drink that makes you addicted to the rich sweetness of Kyoho juice, the deliciousness of aloe (meat), and the crushed texture.

This product uses grape juice.
Aloe (meat) is a habitual taste that gives an accent to the deliciousness and texture.