Japan Okayama Atago Nashi Pear Jumbo Giftbox (1.7-1.8kg)


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If you say "pear" in a word, most people think of a pear that weighs about 3 to 400g and is about the same size as an apple, but this " Atago pear " from Okayama prefecture is An oversized size that overturns conventional wisdom. The size of a large object is well over 1 kilogram per ball. Its overwhelming impact will surely please you as a souvenir or gift.

Atago pears are not just big pears. In addition to the extraordinary fruit size, the aroma and flavor are also exceptional. It is a "red pear" that has a higher sugar content and more juice when it is ripened after harvesting, so it is recommended that you leave it for a while rather than eating it immediately. Strictly speaking, the time to eat depends on the individual, but one of the reasons for its popularity is that it plays an active part during the year-end and New Year holidays and events when families gather.