Japan Okayama Aurora Black Seedless Grapes Gift Box (800g)


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Okayama Prefecture original variety!

Sweet, large, seedless, next-generation grapes with a view to overseas!
Aurora Black is a prefecture-original variety cultivated by the Okayama Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station from natural mating of Aurora Red (name), aiming for a variety that is easy to eat with large grains, seedless, high sugar content, good fruiting and easy cultivation like New Pione. 
It is also suitable for export because it has excellent characteristics in terms of transportation, such as being difficult to shed and having a long shelf life after harvesting. It is also an original variety of Okayama prefecture, and it is a next-generation grape that Okayama prefecture also recommends
Photo of a grain of Aurora Black

Large grain

The fruit is as large as 14 to 17g and is very satisfying to eat.

Photograph of aurora black cross section


Since there are no seeds, it is easy to eat and is popular with children.

Photograph of cleanly peeled Aurora Black grains


The sugar content is 17-18 degrees and the taste is good!

A photo of an image of trying to stab with a fork and eat the whole skin

You can eat the whole skin

The skin is thinner than pione and you can eat the whole skin.

Photograph of grains firmly attached to the shaft

Difficult to shed

Since the grains do not easily fall off, it is safe for gifts.

A photo of the image that you put on a colander and keep it for a long time

Good shelf life

Easy to store at home and suitable for export!