Japan Okinawa Summer Mango (400g)


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The warm subtropical climate and the unique soil of the uplifted coral are very suitable for fruit growth, and the mangoes harvested here in Okinawa are sweet,
rich and fragrant! We make the best use of the blessings of nature and carefully nurture each one.

An elegant and smooth texture that can be expressed only because we are particular about quality, high fruit, large balls and high sugar content! It features a sweet and mellow aroma and a rich flavor.

Many people think of Miyazaki prefecture when it comes to mango, but in fact Okinawa is the prefecture with the highest mango yield in Japan . Some people say, "I know," but in recent years, the image of branded mangoes from other prefectures has weakened the image of "Okinawa prefecture = mango," and it seems that the number of people who do not know it is increasing.

When you think of mangoes, you probably think of Irwin mangoes with red skin. In fact, it is said that 90% of the mangoes grown in Japan are apple mangoes called Irwin species. Miyazaki Prefecture's famous "Sun Egg" is the same.

This Irwin species has become a familiar mango throughout Japan, but did you know that there are many more and sweeter mangoes in Okinawa than the Irwin species?

Okinawa Prefecture is a treasure trove of exquisite mangoes that will make mango lovers growl . I would like to introduce in detail what kind of mango is available.


濃密マンゴー《秀品・2Kg》【2021年発送】大宜味村農家さんから直送(沖縄県大宜味村) | ふるさと納税サイト「ふるさとプレミアム」

新ブランド】完熟!沖縄マンゴー「アルメゴールド」優品1kg:沖縄県産|食べチョク|農家・漁師の産直ネット通販 - 旬の食材を生産者直送

トロピカルフルーツ アップルマンゴー 沖縄県産。産地直送農家の方たちから日本全国へ  九州の果物を旬の時期にお届けするサイト「産地の旬」各地の旬を集めお客様に喜ばれることを目指しています。

C228383】沖縄 マンゴー ※送料有料|マンゴー の通販 | 伊勢丹オンラインストア