Japan Saga Awayuki Sakura Ichigo (150g/ Punnet)


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Light snow strawberry" is a little talked about "white strawberry" along with "Hatsukoinokaori strawberry". The strange appearance of red strawberries with white condensed milk dripping on them, which seems to be unripe, is a little eye-catching.

It's still very rare, so while the number of familiar fruits has increased, the unique and unique appearance naturally attracts people and becomes the center of attention.

The flesh of "light snow strawberry" is firm, and the flesh is conical and smooth and shiny.

The color of the flesh and heart is white and the aroma is good. The sugar content is 13 to 15 degrees, which is sweeter than expected, has less acidity, and has an excellent taste.

It is one of the rare fruits that is rare to see and eat.