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The skin is reddish orange, the flesh is dark orange, and the weight is around 200g. It has a strong sweetness and a moderate acidity, so you can enjoy a solid taste. It also has a good aroma and abundant fruit juice.

Reikou from Saga Prefecture is also distributed under the brand name "Hamasaki".

It is recommended that the skin is shiny and taut, and that you feel the weight when you pick it up. 

Reikou has a thin skin, so it can be peeled off by hand like Satsuma mandarin. In addition, the sac is thin and can be eaten with the bag. It has a rich flavor, so you can use it as a jam or as a topping for cakes.

みかん はまさき 箱買い ギフト 2kg 送料無料 はまさきみかん :hamasaki-mikan-2k:元気のたねKFV - 通販 -  Yahoo!ショッピング みかん はまさき 箱買い ギフト 2kg 送料無料 はまさきみかん :hamasaki-mikan-2k:元気のたねKFV - 通販 -  Yahoo!ショッピング