Japan Saga Hamasaki Sweet Mikan Seedless Oranges Gift Box (3kg)

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Saga's citrus fruits - Hamasaki, the pinnacle of the Reiko variety, is a citrus of the Lijiang variety that was registered as a trademark on May 28, 2010, and is Tangor, an original brand of JA Karatsu from Saga Prefecture.

Hamasaki Reiko Approx. 3kg 8-12 balls Excellent product from Saga Prefecture JA karatsu Ideal for gift-giving Comes in a cosmetic box Luxury citrus with outstanding taste!  Branded fruit with a guaranteed sugar content of 12.5 degrees | wamers
The Reiko variety is a tangor that has a very similar origin to Setoka, and more than 70% of its shipment is produced in Saga Prefecture.

Reiko is a tangor with a beautiful dark orange pericarp that is glossy like a persimmon. The thin skin makes it easy to peel, and the thin skin can be eaten without seeds, making it an easy-to-eat citrus fruit.

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It is a high-quality citrus that is rich in fruit juice and has a refreshing orange-like scent and sweetness. It is Hamasaki.

はまさき 麗紅みかん 佐賀県産 5kg M〜4Lサイズ 秀品 産地箱入り JAからつ 柑橘類 佐賀県渾身のタンゴール 実測糖度14度!  :hamasaki-5kg:産地から玄関へ - 通販 - Yahoo!ショッピング
Only those with a sugar content of 12.5-14% degrees or more that look beautiful through an optical sensor are shipped as Hamasaki, so the quality is very stable.
佐賀産 はまさきになれなかった ”麗紅” 訳あり 約1kg 大きさおまかせ《2kg購入で1kg、3kg購入で2kg、5kg購入で5kgおまけ》【予約  2月以降】 送料無料 :2018041-hama1kgw:くらし快援隊 - 通販 - Yahoo!ショッピング
With its beautiful appearance and wonderful taste, it is a citrus fruit that is ideal for gifts, and is a luxury fruit that will become even more famous in the future.